Each company has its own corporate colors. An admin template should be able to display these colors. Material Admin is built so that you can easily apply your own custom colors.


Theme colors

By default, Material Admin has 6 color schemes. These color schemes are easy to make and you can also use them as a model for your own color scheme.

Inversed header/menubar

Each color scheme has both a dark and a light header and menu bar.

Just add .menubar-inverse and/or .header-inverse.

Header color
Menubar color

Color palette

Main colors

Material Admin has four basic colors. These colors form the basis on which the admin template can be built.

The colors are determined by Less variables. So you can change the whole template with only two variables.

Primary color
Menu color
Accent color
Background color

Main colors

In addition to the basic colors there are the state colors. These colors can be perfectly used to indicate for example, whether there is an error, or something is successful.

Info color
Warning color
Success color
Danger color


The primary and accent colors have three sub colors that are automatically generated (one darker and two lighter colors).

The dark colors are also more intense than the standard colors, while the lighter colors are desaturated. This allows for better light and dark derivatives of the standard color.


The dark and light colors are generated, but you can also manually adjust these in any color you like.

This is illustrated in Theme 5. Activate this theme above to view it.




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